Model: (Click to see more) 57405: Dancing Rider
Status: NIB
Date: 17-Apr-2018
Comments: 4
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Fresh from Fusion Hobbies.
Pre-ordered two of these in Nov last year ready for Xmas.
They arrived today! (tamiya not sending enough stock!)

The box is the same size as the Rising Fighter but weighs at least half as much.

Still need to order some bits and pieces before starting the build.




This is guaranteed to be a complete hoot mate!!! Hehe!!!

HornetRacer 1971


You beat me to it lol These look great on the move. Matteo's riding/driving video of this is superb. Box art or unique?



As long as you get one, it's a nice compact model
This one will probably be gold and black.....



These are pure fun - allthough could be a little faster. (I tried with a 6.6V LiFe).
I was also surprised about the space under the body. No worries for placing of the components at all.

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