Model: (Click to see more) 58539: Fast Attack Vehicle - w/Shark Mouth
Status: Runner
Date: 25-Apr-2018
Comments: 6
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Hi all
Finally the FAV gets dirty! Too long on the shelf collecting dust, now repainted and ready to run.

Installed is an 85 turn RC4WD crawler motor while my son gets used to it, then we can pick up the pace a little!

Enjoy the pics, we enjoyed making them. It's great to finally get this shelfer running!!

'Energetic Evan' in his familiar pose 2 Zero traction, check 1 Doughnut, check Wheel spin in first gear, check 1 Careful, that's a bit close Out of bounds Oi! Watch the camera 2 Dust cloud 3 Loving the bouncy front end. Smile please And around again And again Haven't we been here before? Oh hi, did you forget something? 1 No? Ok, bye. I could do this all day long Moody B&W And he's back again Jungle heat haze Looks even better after the run 1 The FAV- all one really needs




That's more like it! That's one very happy FAV now its off that shelf and it's kicking up the dirt and a happy dad and son too! Looks great!



Driver had good fun judging by the smile he has!
Good fun. Nice photos.



Nice pics! Making donuts and powerslides on this kind of roads is always a lot off fun.



True, it's a great bit of track that runs through our land. The gravel is 1/10 scale, so perfect for photography!!

Crash Cramer


That looks so great in all the photos and a few look actual, did I miss somewhere where you talked about the driver figure/painting as he looks oh so real



Great way to spend a day, love it

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