Model: (Click to see more) 58242: Wild Willy 2
Status: NIB
Date: 9-Jun-2018
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I've tried to add all Tamiya hop ups available for WR-02 chassis and WW2 as you can see in the pictures. Also a custom made steering turnbuckle since the length needed doesn't seem to exist. And a SRB antenna just for looks because it runs on 2.4 GHz. Also added inner sponges in all four tires and decided to attach the hook in front similar to the Mark 1.
All bearings are sealed, also the ones in the gearbox.
Amongst those hop ups seen in the pictures I also used 54479 Aluminium Gearbox Support, 54678 WR-02 F Parts Black Plated, 58242 Reinforced Gear Bag and 58576 Blue Rims

2 1 1 [fig9] Need two. Front and Rear [fig13] Custom made turnbuckle [fig 15] Replaced dampers. Added 54394 [fig17] Reinforced Gearbox 1 [fig19] Tamiya UGT Tuned Motor

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Wild Willy 2 soon to be build!




Nice! Congratulations!
may i ask are all these hop ups (mentioned in your post) suitable for WR-02G ?



The WR-02G chassis looks very similar so my guess would be yes.

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