Model: (Click to see more) 58063: Lunchbox
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Date: 18-Jun-2018
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I added this to my original showroom on March 4. 2010.

I purchased this Tamiya Lunch Box new back in the '80's and it's the second and last model I had assembled by a LHC. It was my second 'real' R/C car after the Hornet and was a model I lusted after as soon as it was released. I absolutely love this thing. This truck has seen numerous modifications/set-ups over the years from different braking MSC's/ESC/motor combos to the upgraded Tamiya yellow CVA shocks purchased used from a friend way back when. It has the original Tamiya flashing headlight unit offered as an option 30+ years ago, ball bearings throughout and currently houses a Duratrax 'Blast' ESC and stock RS-540 motor. The first four pics demonstrate it's current display configuration which includes a United States Coast Guard Auxiliary (of which I was a member for many years) livery and chrome rims all around. The second to last photo is one I took back in the late 1980's/early 1990's after repainting the original runner body which I still have/use today. The last photo was taken around the same time and demonstrates my then-novice painting skills on a brand new display body. That new body is the same one that now sports the Coast Guard Auxiliary livery. This truck saw plenty of action in its day with the original 'beater' body (second to last photo) and yellow rims but has long since been retired from use and will be transformed into a stock, non-running model for the shelf (in favor of a re-re for running). When not on the shelf, it used to serve as an ambassador to the CG organization at various public display booths, shows, etc where it drew quite a crowd. Of course, the USCG Aux doesn't actually have an 'official patrol transport vehicle' but I let my imagination run a bit wild when I was younger. These trucks were never the biggest or baddest but the reliable bullet-proof design along with their infamous/fun understeer and ability to pull the front wheels at will make them a ton of fun to drive. Everyone should own one at least once. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

1 Clean and simple. Old photo (~1988-90) w/ original runner body. Old photo (~1988-90) w/ new display body.

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