Model: (Click to see more) 58372: Ford F350 High Lift
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Jun-2018
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I added this to my original showroom on December 22, 2009. This was my Tamiya F-350 High Lift scale offroad truck purchased used from Ebay for $300 USD back in 2009. It was a great introduction to scale 4X4's and modifying a truck for scale use as I was able to hone my skill/technique over the 6 years that I owned it. I never had the intention of getting rid of it but ultimately I became dissatisfied with the unrealistic chassis/axles shortly after completing the project so it was time to move on. It was sold in early 2015 to fund a similar project using a more realistic Gmade Sawback I'm currently working on. Fortunately, I kept the F-350 body, RC4WD wheels/tires and scale accessories for the new truck so it will look similar but be a better, more-realistic version. The F-350 was a dusty shelf-queen that came from NY, USA in like-new condition (not a scratch on it) and included the truck, 4-ch Futaba radio w/ charger, Duratrax Intellispeed ESC, Team Orion 17t 'Havok' motor, battery, ball bearings, manual and the box with every factory tool and spare part left over from the original assembly. The previous owner built it for display only so the body was not even completely assembled and only partially painted silver. Having an increasing interest in more scale-looking models many years earlier, I had been admiring the scale crawlers on TC since I joined and finally decided it was time to build my own. While initially considering a Toyota Hilux, seeing as there were so many of them well-represented already I decided to take the plunge with the relatively less common F-350. My goal with this truck was to make it look like it was purchased new off the showroom floor (but is now older and showing it's age) and then modified for daily driving and off-road duty by a budget-minded weekend warrior in his garage using mostly hand tools (i.e. no expensive-looking rims, grill guards, custom bumpers, etc). While owning this I added RC4WD 1.9 Rok lox tires on their OEM steel beadlock rims, a matching spare tire on a bed-mounted steel tire rack, a roof rack with custom working lights/light bar and scale accessories, working lights on the bull bar, a remotely operated 3Racing winch and license plates. I also fabricated a hitch-mounted bike rack to hold a scale BMW mountain bike that has working pedals/wheels and suspension. I slowed the truck down to scale speed by adding an Integy 55t lathe motor and addressed the well-known clearance problem of the original 3-speed transmission/skid plate by adding a Bamatech belt drive/gearbox lift kit ($85 USD but well worth it's German quality) which required some fairly extensive modification to the factory plastic electronics tray. A much lower profile custom aluminum transfer case skid plate was fabricated to protect the transfer case and a 5 mm suspension lift was added using aluminum spacers to further increase ground clearance and prevent the tall rok lox from rubbing on the fender flares as much. I wanted to upgrade the steering and move the tie rod to the front of the axle as well so I purchased the popular Junfac front steering kit but ended up not using it because it's too beefy to look scale. The stock steering rod looks much more realistic (IMO) so I simply modified the end-links accordingly to accommodate for the suspension lift, painted it Tamiya X-18 black along with the gear case covers, side step inserts and skid plate for a nice look and fabricated a steering link to the servo. The first few test runs were very successful. Both diffs were locked front/rear and the ground clearance was significantly increased after all the mods making it a very capable and powerful climber/crawler even with the stiff stock suspension. The belt drive system worked perfectly and made the truck much quieter. As with most scale crawlers, this was an ongoing and ever-evolving project that eventually ran its course as I felt it was time for a more realistic upgrade. It found a new home in Massachusetts, USA. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

Gone but not forgotten. Much better clearance with Bamatech upgrade. Scale 'BMW' mountain bike, rack and license plate. A lot of wiring and work under there! Initial test run before accessories were added. How I received it in 2009.

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SRB Bloke


Looking good, where did you find that bike, it looks a good scale.... All the accessories bring the truck to life, nice work.



@SRB: Good question: It came from a Chinese seller on Ebay but beyond that I do not remember. I will be fitting to my Gmade Sawback so we will see it again.

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