Model: (Click to see more) 58050: Wild One
Status: Runner
Date: 3-Jul-2018
Comments: 1
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I added this to my original showroom on October 20, 2011. After seeing numerous Wild Ones on TC in various scale liveries over the years, I decided to sell my first Fox quite a few years ago in order to make room for one as I've been increasingly interested in scale buggies and this was well ahead of it's time in that department back in the 1980's. I found what was advertised on Ebay as a nice example from California for $143 USD. It's all original and in pretty good shape but I did find a small crack in the chassis, front bumper and one of the front rims. Not major issues as they do not affect performance but something I will have to rectify. It came with a vintage (but malfunctioning) MRC radio, charger, Tamiya hump-style pack (not working anymore but cool to lay eyes on after 25 yrs), the manual and some misc. parts. As a result of discovering that the original MRC radio was malfunctioning, I started the overhaul process by simply going through the buggy and installing a newer Futaba radio, an old Parma Yokomo motor I had around (while an old Black Motor Endurance awaits a rethread before being installed) and rebuilding the shocks. Along with the original MSC I'm keeping in there (for now?), this made for a vintage-fast combination but short run times so a stock Mabuchi 540 was installed which slowed it down a bit but doubled the run time with a 7.2V NiCd. I have a lot more planned for this as it will be transformed into a very scale looking buggy for some nice running that'll be anything but box-art. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

1 As I received it. 1 Pink??...not for long. Unpainted driver. 1 Looks clean and original. 1 No box but fair deal. With new radio and Parma Yokomo motor installed. After a fun beach run. 1 Atlantic City, NJ, USA (5/2/13). 1 It was windy that morning.

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Great looking car...I had a Fast Attack Vehicle after my holiday buggy and painted it very similar colours to yours. Unfortunately I could never get the gearbox to work correctly. I'm sure nowadays it would be a simple fix but a huge engineering headache when your 14!

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