Model: 99971: boats & watercraft
Status: Other
Date: 4-Jul-2018
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This is a Graupner 1:10 scale replica of the 1:1 1986 World Champion Cougar 'Systems' Cat powered by twin 750 horsepower Mercruiser engines that was owned/driven by Bob Kaiser and Errol Lanier in the 1980's. I had been looking for one of these to add to my collection for well over 10 years but they didn't seem to come up for sale very often. I only had one childhood friend in the 1980's who had this boat but he never ran it and it never interested me back then but I was just a kid so that has changed. This boat came in a huge lot from an Ebay seller in Arizona in the Spring of 2018 who I had to convince to sell and ship the entire lot (including a Graupner Taifun hydroplane, ProBoat Mini C catamaran, two Systems Cats along with several radios, chargers, batteries, and misc. spare parts) for $500 USD because he wouldn't sell the Cats separately and only advertised the lot for local pick-up. I've since removed the mechanical parts from this boat to keep as spares for my runner Systems Cat and sold it along with the other boats. I have that complete runner and a NIB version that I will be adding to my showroom soon. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

One version of the 1:1. Another.

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