Model: (Click to see more) 58653: King Yellow 6x6
Status: Extra info
Date: 21-Jul-2018
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King Yellow no2 finally finished.
Built with the following options
4 wheel steering
Steel pinion
Full ball bearings
2x 54597 alloy gearbox supports (front and rear)
2x 54587 alloy servo stays (front and rear)
1x 54695 alloy support bridge (for rear)
53968 5mm hex head ball connectors (upper arms)
53969 5x8mm long hex head ball connectors (lower arms)
2x 84366 CVA 2's mini shock unit set in yellow
1x 54808 idler gears in orange (1 set of 3)
3x 54809 gear sets in yellow
1x 54807 clear grey chassis set tuning
Front yellow bumper from dump truck F parts tree

CVA oil shocks built with shorter lower ball connector, 2 holes pistons, no internal shock limiter but shorter external shock limiter installed to stop steering arm hitting chassis and kit springs

Waiting for a dry day to start outside fine tuning




Looks cool, I should be getting one of these.



NUTS!!!!! Great job though looks great!

HornetRacer 1971


Great job! Interesting idea to use different coloured gears in the see-thru chassis. I hope Tamiya releases a 3rd model on the G6-01 - I love it.



This is the colours Tamiya has chosen at this point for the gears, other colours may follow!?

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