Model: (Click to see more) 58452: Sand Scorcher
Status: New built
Date: 6-Aug-2018
Comments: 24
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Building a 2010 Sand Scorcher, I started playing around with an old TL01 chassis, some cheap E-bay Chinese wheels, some old Carson tires and the Sand Scorcher body and saw some potential. After checking some fine examples on this site and Pinterest, looking at other alternative Scorcher builds but also some nice real buggy's, I got enthusiastic , building my own version.

First of all, I had to shorten the chassis by 6mm to get the wheelbase correct for the body. The chassis is cut behind the battery position. I folded a G-shaped profile out of 1mm aluminum plate that overlaps the cut. the profile sits inside the chassis and is bolted in 4 positions to the chassis (so 8 bolts in total). I shortened the centre drive shaft so it still is 4 wheel drive.

In some town I visited, I came along this RC-shop that had this nice Parma V8 model in some back corner. I bought and build it with the idea of using it for my buggy build. And yes, I know, I mounted the air intake backwards. I did this deliberately because I wanted to have the characteristic butterfly valves to be still visible. The other way around, they would be hidden under the wing. And he, since this isn't a real engine, I don't think it will influence performance.

I wanted to keep the motor cage so I extended the Original one with some 6mm aluminum tubing, using 4mm steel rod inside for strength. Also, I had to cut out the rear bonnet to make the motor fit the body.

I decided I also wanted a large rear spoiler to make it an even more 'over the top' buggy.
First I ordered some DTM spoiler from a Mercedes model but when it came in it was way to small for what I had in mind, so I got me some plastic and aluminum profiles from the local hardware store and made the spoiler myself.
The spoiler is mounted with 4 bolts to a bracket folded from aluminum plate that I glued to the inside of the roof.

At the front side I made a skid plate out of 1mm aluminum plate and added some of the 6mm tubbing for looks. To complete the interior I used an old interior from a 'Big Bear' model (used the head from the tamiya kit).

I wanted to use the wheels 'the other way around' like they are suposed to be used, cause it looked so much cooler and gives the model a nice wide stance. to make the wheels fit the hexagon wheel hubs like this, I made 4 adapters out of 1mm aluminum plate and mounted them with the screws that came with the wheels.

6 2 Test fitting the V8, motor cage, chassis and body 3 V8 Parma model, build 3 1mm hexagon wheel hub adapters Shortening the chassis Motor and cage installed. Work on body and wing. 2 Front skid plate and interior 2 Motor and cage. Rear wing mounting 1 profiles used 7 8 5 4 8 1 2 1 1

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Amazing work!



Fantastic job ! it looks perfect



That engine out the back looks so awesome, really top job and smart looking car. In real life with that V8 hanging over the back of the rear wheels would be a pure wheelie machine.



Good golly that is a monster! I love it!



That must be the meanest Scorcher i've seen here Fantastic work !



Monster buggy done absolutely right!



Holy crap Batman! That is sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!



Fantastic work - look forward to seeing more of your models!



Wow, what a beast! Great work, love it!



Looks GREAT! How does it handle? Compared to a classic SRB?



Very nice and unique job!

SRB Bloke


Awesome build, I have (now had) a very similar rear wing for my next Scorcher. Great concept. With that wheel - arch clearance I reckon it will be awesome fun on tarmac. Top marks



Thanks all!!! Very nice to hear you like it, I had a great time building it!



Hi Tamiyastef, so far only rode it on gravel. It is quite a lot of fun! I haven't finished the  €˜standard' Scorcher yet, so I cannot yet compare it to that one. Compared to the Stadium Raider, from which I used the chassis, it obviously oversteers more because of the additional wheight of the V8 model and the wing in the rear, but it is actually way better to control than I expected. The 4 wheel drive helps of course. It is quite fast with those larger diameter tires and it looks great sliding from side to side, trying to stear it in the right direction.
When I finish the other Scorcher I will take them both out for comparison and post some pictures.






What a beastly looking Scorcher.....I love it...



That is just completely bonkers & brilliant. Added to my favourites.



Not to be overly critical, having done a couple of desert racers myself....don’t take this the wrong way,’s FREAKING AWESOME!!!! ??



That is one mean s.o.b.



Awesome work man!



Just totally mental and fantastic ! Well done.

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