Model: (Click to see more) 58056: The Falcon
Status: Extra info
Date: 7-Aug-2018
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Bought from the auction site recently.
Some split parts, incorrect screws, a bit of body damage....the usual
Cheap price and arrived in a nice clean condition
Needs a strip, repair and rebuild
I have come back again to the falcon (for the third time in 12 years) because of Ampro engineering recent 3D printed parts

Stickers, steel pinion, ball bearings and epoxy are at the ready

UPDATE 07/09/2018
Cleaned, re-built with new steel pinion and ball bearings.
Repaired a couple of the arms because of splitting
Stripped old black paint off, now painted with bright red and light gun metal
Just lamps and driver to finish

UPDATE 03/10/2018
All finished, may still add some lamp decals, not sure yet....
I shall probably run it next year and also need to get the ampro 3d printed parts as well

UPDATE 27/10/2018
Sold to fund parts for forth coming Tamiya Dynahead purchase

2 As it was upon arrival


HornetRacer 1971


Good luck with this one! I still hope they re-release this. Do your usual magic!!

HornetRacer 1971


Very nicely done ! The gun metal looks surprisingly good! Would you consider a set of new rear 'display' tyres, and use these as the runner tyres?



only if i get another set of wheels!



Picked up a Falcon on ebay a few years ago in excellent shape, just needs a freshening up with a re-paint &/or new body & decals. I've always liked the Falcon, but never a big fan of the box art scheme. You're custom paint job ROCKS!!!

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