Model: (Click to see more) 58123: Dyna Blaster
Status: New built
Date: 10-Aug-2018
Comments: 8
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Finally at long last my dyna blaster is completed, originally purchased back in 2016 I found a seller on japan auctions who had partially complete kit with a completely trashed box for very reasonable cost. I sourced and purchased the missing parts (screw bags C&D) and I built the chassis last year, to speed the progress up I pinched the trimmed unpainted shell off my other dyna blaster. But for the longest time I debated with myself whether I should attempt the paint the shell or not, as the colour scheme while simple requires alot of masking in certain areas and the decal set is also quite complex. So seeing as I didn't want ruin it I sent the body to Adrian who after I politely asked was happy to paint for a fee, and the end result is what you see here. As per my rule, any vintage tamiya kit that goes in my collection must have at least one hop-up fitted. For mine I fitted the following hop-ups: #53125 sleeved dampers, #49567 Acto power TRF motor, #53181 turnbuckle set, #53008 1150 bearing, #50242 850 bearing.

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Lovely looking truck mate.



One of the best looking Tamiyas. Would love to get my hands on one of these one day. Nice with the TRF Acto Power motor. It suits this build perfectly.



Thank you both for your kind comments!

Klausen: Agreed the TRF acto power is a nice motor, was lucky enough to find the correct parts to build one as NIB prices are a bit steep. But if your still trying to chase one down ebay aside they occasionally turn up for sale on yahoo japan, thats where I found these two.

Truck Norris


Looking good!



Nice,, have not seen one of these in person in a very long time!!!!



One of the best looking Trucks Tamiya made!



Awesome trucks and so rare. Now you need to go and race it, it's so much fun. I'll post some photos in my showroom to show you!!



Jimbo: I remember yours is what inspired me to get one of these trucks, bit nostalgic your post from 2002 as it was one of the first things I looked at on TC when I was getting into the hobby. If replacement parts weren't soo rare and expensive I would be tempted to run my other non boxart DB, for now these two will remain in new built state. I really wish tamiya would give us a re-issue to celebrate a 25 years old design.

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