Model: (Click to see more) 49400: Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934
Status: NIB
Date: 18-Aug-2018
Comments: 9
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I know there are as well older models - and I'm having as well some of them. But may I ask for honest feedback who has these new guys at home as well ?
So the 30y anniversairy kit, the black edition Rere, the 40y Jaegermeister, the 50y Spielwarenmesse and the brand new Tamico 10y kit ?

by the way: Is this the first time the Tamico kit is shown here ? :-)

...neededto add the Tamtech Porsche - as well looking nice and I would say w/o problem with the wheelbase.



I have a couple of the 30th anniversary kits.a beautiful kit!


Hi, i have nearly the same Collection, only the Tamico Kit is missing. But I have the first Porsche 934(58001). Great Kits



Thanks for you comments - I'm very glad, I'm not alone collecting these kits. Exceptionally I would consider swapping the Tamico against the 58001 as I have this only as built model.



I have them all except the Tamico. Still have to get a few other Porsche kits that Tamiya made.


Bought a couple of the Tamico kits, didn't realise they were simply Black Edition kits with a sticker on the front? Still, for the price and what you get, must have imo.



Thanks for all your comments and visits. I've just found out, that the Tamico is already sold out - that was quick - I think yesterday I had seen 30 being available...who of you bought these ?



Nice assortment of Porsche machines. I have a couple of the NIB Jager ones and a 30th anniversary that I was running the other day after blowing the dust off.



Porsche had two pre-painted models in their store some years ago.
It didn't had Tamiya on the box though but these were actual Tamiyas.
There are some on TC if I'm not mistaken.
It's the Porsche 911 Carrera (WAP 023 001 97) and the GT1 (WAP 023 002 97).



I only have the 40th Jägermeister and the Tamico 10th (139/333). Missed the 30th by an inch, I only found out it was released after they sold out. Both will stay NIB for now. Would love a 30th and another one to build and drive.

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