Model: (Click to see more) 57405: Dancing Rider
Status: Runner
Date: 21-Aug-2018
Comments: 10
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Been quiet for a while, but not idle. I like my T3-01 Dancing Rider, looks cool and quirky, lots of fun to drive. But it's a bit unstable and tips over very easily if the ground isn't smooth (which it isn't around here!). So I got another one to tinker with...

Talking to my kids, trying to figure out a name for the little monster (Dancing Ray? Manta Rider? Nope!) so we went with the chassis name. I suggested the T3-OMG but then they came up with the T3-WTF so that's its new designation, though to be honest it mainly gets called 'the trike thing'.

It's basically the front of the Dancing Rider with the back end of a Manta Ray grafted on, and a few tweaks to the steering so it can lean more. The wheels and tyres are TLT-1/ Tumbling Bull fronts. The body is trimmed a bit shorter at the back and part of the rear of the chassis has been cut away to clear the longer steering arm. It looked a bit odd so the wing was added for a bit of drama and it sort of visually links the back end to the body.

It's only had a couple of short test runs so far but it works! It's more stable on uneven ground but handling/steering is similar to the orignal, just feels a bit more planted. Even with a silver can motor it's a fair bit quicker than the original but I think I'm going to have to make a wheelie bar...!

Hope you like it.


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OH wow this is wild i'm loving it!!!!! how dose she handle? i just built one there so much fun just cant decide on a paint scheme as yet



Haha, very cool! It still looks a bit like 'two different cars'. How about finding a more offroad-like front wheel, removing the front splash guard. And making the body more black & offroad'ish?



Crazy Cool!!!



If James Bond had a Dancing Rider built by Q, I reckon it would look just like that. Great ingenuity!!



Bit mental but I love it



Love it !
Makes the stock one look pretty ordinary.

Thanks for sharing.



Now that looks like fun, very cool



Thanks for all the kind comments guys. It's has a few good runs now and I'm pleased with it. Even with a silvercan it's a lot quicker than a stock DR, but a lot more stable even on rougher ground. I bought some GPM steering springs which cured the speed wobble. It needs some extra weight at the front because it understeers quite badly at speed. But the biggest problem is trying to persuade my 9-yo daughter to let me have a go! I think that's a pretty good result...



Awesome mods l bet that thing is a right hoot now Rob! Neat job!



Lovely, put a propeller in the back and it could fly ??

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