Model: (Click to see more) 58001: Porsche 934 Turbo RSR
Status: Other
Date: 10-Sep-2018
Comments: 3
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To make a 58001 Porsche 934RSR in Brumos sheme was in my mind for a long time. Now during the holidays I had little time to built this body.

The decals are waterslides from BestBalsaKits in Belgium. They are very detailed and hires but very thin also. So it take a lot of time and patience to put them on the body without breaking them (too often).

I put on a layer of clear paint to get a deep shine on the body. But that was not good for the decals. They lifted off the body and scrolled at some places. It was not possible to get them smooth again.

So in the end I'm happy to add a Brumos body to my collection, but have a tear in my eye due to the 'decal-accident'.

Nevertheless enjoy the Pictures. Comments are welcome.

BTW can anyone help me out with a runner 58001 chassis ?




Great idea! Sorry for you that the decals didn't work out. Still. looks great!



What a shame about the decal accident. I really feel for you. If I where in that predicament I think I would consider going for a weathered look so it seems more intentional?



Hey a weathered looks is a great idea! I will perhaps consider that.

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