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Status: NIB
Date: 8-Oct-2018
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Adding from my old profile

I finally built this a few months ago.
The detail and quality of this model are simply amazing. Each part is individually sealed in a heavy duty plastic bag with a label with a little holographic on it to show its authenticity. It strikes me the in the time and detail Deagostini put into developing this model. The materials used are very good quality and made for purpose.

When assembling you could feel the weight, even the wheels are solid aluminium, I was keen and inquisitive to see how much this weighed once finished. It's actually quite an effort to pull this down from on top of my wardrobe (my show space :) ). Shockingly this topped out an electronic set of kitchen scales, and I know they top out at about 5kg. I grabbed the bathroom scales and it's a whopping 7.1kg.

I've put it up against a 58008 Tamiya Countach shell for size perspective.

Here are some pics and a video of the power on

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thats an impressive build, well done!



I'm absolutely blown away. Was wware of the brand before but did not knew these things have all These Sound functions. Awesome !!!



Hey Rob , I wondered about this kit. It looks immense mate! I am doing the DeLorean as we speak



Stunning model!
If you like superscale models you should see this: [Click here]



I just watched your YouTube clip and this model is even more impressive! Simply outstanding...i need Btw, where do u get that display case from? never seen a modular one such as that.



Thanks everyone, it really is a superb kit and the weight and feel of it back that up. The display case is from the same manufacture (Deagostini) and made for the Countach. It 'ok', a bit flimsy due to the panel sizes but ones all set in place, solid enough. I prefer my 1/12 widowsonsltd cases, really sturdy and excellent quality.


Welcome Back Rob Passion for the Countach never dies. We both know this is true and you cannot escape it. But who would want to?



That's nice! I own a Pocher Novarossi F40, but that comes nowhere close the the quality of your Countach! Love it.

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