Model: (Click to see more) 99969: Thunder Tiger
Status: Project
Date: 20-Oct-2018
Comments: 4
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I originally added this to my showroom on November 25, 2011.
This is a Thunder Tiger 'Tiger' and it's the rarest buggy in my collection. It's one of several HotShot clones from BITD and there are only a couple of other TC members who have one. It was originally lumped in with the pics of my blue Royal Ripper for the longest time but I thought it deserved it's own space in my showroom. I got it from Ebay Australia in very good shape with the foolish intention of using it as a rolling parts donor for my Royal Ripper runner. However, I came to my senses and realized that its rarity deserved preservation/restoration. It's a clone so it's identical to the Royal Ripper in every way other then the decals and the color of some of the plastic shock parts and rims. Unfortunately like the Royal Ripper, I'm sure the plastic is just as fragile on this model making it a light runner at best. It came with a ton of spare parts (some cracked but fixable) in addition to what you see here but needed a new top deck to complete the chassis which I have since purchased. I also found a NOS MSC that I'm going to install along with a 540 motor and some period-correct electronics for light running but it will probably live as a shelf queen. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.


If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Thunder Tiger ^Tiger^




I don`t know the Royal Ripper but these Tigers were sold in Austria too back in the days. I still have a used one, which belonged to my brother, and a NIB one.



Wow, great information, thanks! I'm going to check out your showroom for both!



Interesting car!



I also own 2 Thunder Tiger 4WDS. One NIB. It is very rare to find. Pics in my showroom.

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