Model: (Click to see more) 58079: Egress
Status: New built
Date: 11-Nov-2018
Comments: 5
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Lockdown 2 update - bit of bling - have fitted some green adjusters and fitted some light green springs. These are Kyosho ZX5 springs W5181-75 front and W5183-75 rear. Fronts fit nicely, rears are a little tight but good enough for the shelf.

Original Egress with period/current options, scratch built interior and rit dyed neon green Vanquish Wheels.
PS23 Gun Metal paint, T2m (?) chassis plates and front damper mount (came in an Egress job lot, top plate is different to original, with carbon weave on top side only) and rerelease Hicaps.

Thanks go to the following for helping make this EBS replica a reality.
Bjorklo - inspiration and decals (I have not applied this set too well but have another set which I hope to do better with)
Waterbok - helping with buying/shipping new white vanquish wheels from Seidel
Anthony at Tonys Tamiya Parts - supply of new parts (seems there is a constant stream in the post to me)
Bob at Model build - supply of new parts (in particular multiple Avante driver figures that I cut up to produce the interior)

Interior is a mixture of Subaru Brat driver, two Avante drivers all cut up (seat and front dash section) plus some plastic card

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Great one, very cool with the custom interior!



Looking Ace, I like it allot. Great work.



Yeah that's HOT..... just straight up HOT !



Thanks for your comments. Glad you like it Bjorklo, could not have started/done it without your decals



I'm very happy to see another BS Egress, so just glad I could help.

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