Model: (Click to see more) 58611: Honda City Turbo
Status: NIB
Date: 24-Nov-2018
Comments: 3
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Long before the Grasshopper Comical Buggy, came this, HCT comical !.
My previous wr02 had restricted use because they were best in grass or soil, but with these street tyres and smaller wheels this will get run much more often.

Mad Bee also confirms its not so bad on the sand as well!

A few white parts are waiting for the chassis and shocks but the body will be in aluminium ps colour.

The box art is reminiscent of an oil painting!?!





hello ,
nice kit that i always wanted to own , this car seems to be really funny to drive , and really fast , i like everything in this car like the driver look and the pitcrew or the compressed look of the car .



First comment for ages! Yes these are great fun little cars, I have 2 (can never get enough of a good thing!) though to be honest, I've not used any RC cars for over 2 years now due to changes in circumstances! Hope to get the bug again soon though!



Nice!! Always wanted one of these too! Huge Honda fan and this thing just looks awesome! maybe some day… Have fun!!

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