Model: (Click to see more) 58016: Sand Scorcher
Status: NIB
Date: 30-Nov-2018
Comments: 3
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definitely the scorcher is one of the outstanding icons in Tamiya history.
In my opinion, this kit from 1979 still shows the real Tamiya quality, which can only be found in the first approx. 50 kits.
almost everything is still metal here. Always a breathtaking sight for me. and the smell out of the box ..... unique.
what did you do in 1979

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Great Kit! Do you know if it's the first generation or the succeeding version?



Hi Race, yes it is first Generation.



Supersweet Guido! In 1979 I was only 4, but 1981 my Dad started building his Sand Scorcher, which was my obsession from then on. But, the kit was too precious and expensive for the time to let it ruin a young rookie. Long story short: Some years later I got the Scorcher from him, and I still have it. What do you think is the market price at the moment for your complete new in box? Any deals lately you were watching? It´s a fabulous condition and a real time capsule. And who ever drove one on the beach, will be infected for life. What I find still stunning is the level of power with the 540 Tamiya offered in 1979, compared to the toy RC´s Kids had back then...

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