Model: (Click to see more) 43515: RC GP RTR Porsche Carrera GT
Status: Restored
Date: 2-Dec-2018
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Restored from a chassis purchase on Ebay this TGS ticks off another in my TGS collection.
Originally issued as a TGS-R chassis the Porsche Carrera GT was the first improved TGS chassis car to be branded the TGS-R. Modifications included oil filled dampers, full ball bearings, a speed tuned gear set and the FS-12SS engine was given a modified carb and rebranded the FS-12SW.

The Carrera GT body suits the TGS chassis but long term I would of been worried about heat during running as there is very little air flow. The body is a genuine factory finished XBG body that was purchased in Japan.




Very nice car wit this body my cousin has one of these but with a 350Z body with uncut windows and factory settings on the engine, and i am very surprised by the fact of this engine is very stable, powerfull, easy to start and not overheating ! he only rolls one tank when he takes out the car but many of my engines needs air flow to not overheat

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