Model: 58323: Schnitzer BMW M3 Sport Evo
Status: NIB
Date: 3-Dec-2018
Comments: 6
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Wow! It has been just under 8 years since I last listed anything in my showroom here on TC!
8 years... seems like yesterday... mad........

Family life, work commitments etc. have all taken up a lot of the time over the last few years - I have still been tinkering, building kits & buying bits and bobs when I have managed to get some time.

I have managed to build a few models during the course of the last few years in the hope that once I organise my Tamiya collection, I will be able to finally get round to enjoying them some more and sharing them with you guys. I have still been subscribed to TC for the missing years, even if I have been in the background somewhat!

I have noticed that many long time members, like myself, have been absent too, but I am excited that there are many new like-minded members who have joined!

I am hoping to make some spare time in the New Year to tinker with the toys again... let's hope it pans out!

I have always been a huge fan of the BMW E30 (especially the M3) and couldn't resist grabbing some when I stumbled across them a few years ago Not many of these 2004 kits knocking around now -

I am not sure if I need as many as I bought..... addiction maybe......

Thoughts & Comments Always welcome, Thanks

Reference (very similar to the Tamiya box image)

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
One of My All Time Favourite M3^s




That is the only BMW M3 body style I like and I'm a Detroit muscle car guy. I loved them back in the day. Wish I would have bought a 1:1 many years ago when they were cheap, now people want super car money for them. I think you have great taste and if you want to sell one of those kits let me know.



You have enough for a life time! Nice!


Always good to see an old face back on TC! I am exactly the same, dead busy with work, life etc but always have love for RC every single day lol. The E30 is on of my favourites top. Currently have 2 NIB, and 4 shelf queens of the same car!!



Glad to see you back! I have been absent for all the same reasons as you for almost 10 years. But since 1 year started collecting again. Hooked again!
PS. you DO NEED 15 M3's ... don't let anyone tell you differently!



Really great to see you back on here again! I had a phase where I was off for a long time but still subscribed thru the years whether I was actively on TC or not. By the way, if your looking to sell or trade one of the NIB BMW M3 TT-01 kits please message me



Welcome back brother. Have not been posting much on here myself too, currently have 4 projects on the go, one of which I started 10 years ago, all will get an obligetry 'AFTER' post as I finish them. As for BMWs I love them, all of them. 15 x E30s is not enough, you need one for each month and a back up one for each month too.

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