Model: (Click to see more) 58036: Audi Quattro Rally
Status: Project
Date: 7-Dec-2018
Comments: 2
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This is a 1/10th scale 1983 Tamiya Audi Quattro r/c rally car that I acquired from a business acquaintance for $100 USD in November 2018. I then quickly flipped it for $700 USD which provided the funds for a re-released NIB Tamiya Egress and NIB Subaru Impreza XV-01 both of which I had wanted for quite some time. This example sat in a basement for years and came with the complete car in excellent condition, unpainted original body, NOS decals, the box and a few misc. spare parts. It went to a very lucky enthusiast in my home state of New Jersey, USA. I never had a childhood connection to the model or a desire to add one to my collection now but when my acquaintance approached me with it I couldn't resist. It's quite rare (especially in this condition) because of its quirky handling and fragile plastic body parts which is why it didn't sell very well and therefore doesn't come up for sale very often. It is modeled after the 1:1 Audi Quattro RS3 driven by legendary frenchwoman Michele Mouton to a second place finish in the 1982 World Rally Championship in Monte Carlo. To this day she remains the last woman to compete in high-level rally racing. Thanks for looking and hope you enjoy.

1 Little Benson is very curious. Chassis is in great shape. I never saw one of these bodies unpainted/uncut. Box is in near-mint condition. Michele Mouton driving hard in 1982.




What a find! The best early Xmas present....


Nice score....enjoy!

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