Model: 99950: Tamiya Static Kit.
Status: NIB
Date: 8-Dec-2018
Comments: 5
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Been really interested in getting back to a balance of both R/C builds and static model builds at the same time as my younger son seems to like static models more right now. My older son has always been more into R/C but could care less about static builds....
As for me,, I bought this for an early Christmas present to myself, I was in Michigan for Thanksgiving Holiday with my parents and siblings and my Dad mentioned there was a local hobby shop that recently changed ownership and had tons of vintage static model kits. So we ventured out together with my two boys and my sister's son - a good crew to go hobby hunting with.
I scored this excellent original vintage Tamiya 1/12th Martini Brabham F1 (1974) kit for an awesome price of 50USD after we chatted and haggled about the price a bit as he originally wanted 70USD. A really nice guy that just wants people who appreciate models to enjoy the hobby and give great deals. Harder to find those shop owners anymore. I am looking forward to this build, it looks intense and this would be my first Tamiya BIG1/12th static build of a model of any manufacturer in that scale. Over the last 35 years of building static kits I've only done Tamiya, MPC, Monogram, Accurate Miniatures, Revell, and AMT 1/24th, 1/25th and 1/16th scale models prior to this great original find. scollins




This should be an awesome build. Tamiya puts so much detail into their parts for the 1/12 big scale series.



Nice find! What hobby shop? I'm looking for some static kits to use the body's on my Tamtech's.



Thanks guys, as for what hobby shop I believe it was called Astro Hobbies, in Richmond, Michigan USA



Vintage hobby shops over here ( UK ) are like hens teeth . I would spend many an hour ( and pounds ) in a good old model shop . Great score Steve



Great find indeed! These 1/12th kits are a dream. I've built the Lotus JPS. Great detail. Have fun building it and soon jr will catch your drift, I'm sure. At least I did when my dad showed me how it's done. ??

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