Model: (Click to see more) 99985: Yokomo
Status: Restored
Date: 10-Dec-2018
Comments: 5
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This must have been the fourth car of my RC live...a really remarkable one.

The Body Shows is still nice design, the layout with a Backbone instead of
Sandwich radioplate, the belt tensioner, the Option for front one way...I really like it...even though this
is not my old car, but one I bought a while ago...The HotLaps tires are still
from my original car...




Yes very rare and very nice example! I remember these and always wanted one back in the day. Would love to have one now, maybe some day.



Really like these old 4wd race buggy's. This one is from my youth. Especially liking the white plastic bits.



Are those Kyosho Option House Platinum shocks ?



Hi all,
thanks a lot for your comments. Very good question on the shocks: I was always a bit frustrated, that I did not have the original ones anymore, but indeed I think these are the platinum ones from Kyosho! So I think they do not reduce the value of the car...thanks a lot for making me aware of that...
Let me add, that from my original car this one has the wheels, the motor, the wing and the body,...



What a legend. I love these old competitive 4wd buggies. I have a similar one but slightly more modified.

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