Model: 99985: Yokomo
Status: Runner
Date: 16-Dec-2018
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I'm very happy about the nice feedback I got for the Super Dogfighter - so here
the successor: The YZ-10!
It is still my original car and I had paid a fortune for the kit at that time. I have driven
it for a very long time - later as well as touring car with Mercedes and Opel Calibra
bodies...And I need to mention; These B.B.S. wheels are my absolute favorites!

This body is not my old one anymore - it was given to me as a present by the president
of our local club - really nice I would say - with the box art design and as well with the reference
to LRP Hausen...
When you see the pictures: Are you as well reminded how these cars were driving ?
Stay tuned: more to come

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