Model: (Click to see more) 58059: Porsche 959 4WD
Status: Restored
Date: 21-Aug-2003
Comments: 14
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What is it they say 'imitation is the most sincere form of flattery?' I got the idea from NJMLONDON for the white wheels. I agree with him that the stock wheels are pretty ugly. Instead of using the Avante hex wheel adapters, I used the Astutes as they were more readily available. Also, instead of using the Tamiya 5 star rims, I found some HPI 7 star rims that were a little closer to the originals. Also added the black anodized 4mm nuts just for looks. Well, here it is. Got the body from Keith Dowsett at Kamtech Bodies. It's really a great repro. It has the professional paint job by Richard Muise at and it looks fantastic!

The radio equipment is obviously not original. Has new Futaba Servo, Radio, Reciever, and ESC. Also has the Technigold motor. These boogers are fast!

These cars are just beautiful!




Looks stunning and great find on the 7 spoke wheels. Am very impressed with that trailer too!!

trabbi daz


Excellent job there on the body squire I just bought one of these bodies after seeing this i'm glad i did!!!!

Crash Cramer


Seeing this makes me wimper and cry that I sold my near mint chassis after giving up hope that a new body was always going to be out of reach price wise. Oh well, there is another one out there to find one day and rescue and race and crash....



Great choice on that wheels!



Those Porches just look too good! Hope i get one just like yours some day. It´s a beauty!!!



Are the gold and red stripes painted into the body?



Josh, I never told others your 959 has painted stripes. Nice paint job!! Gary

Rothmans Racing Team


Thanks for the kind words everyone!


I just purhase the same body from company called kamtec where did you get the wheels from and do they have other selections for this porsche 959 I have been going crazy trying to find new wheels for 959???

Rothmans Racing Team


It's all in the listing except that the wheels came from [Click here]


The car looks great alsome to say the least but one more question I found the wheels at towerhobbies the hex wheel adapters are the astutes I have to ask where did you get them?

Rothmans Racing Team


Gosh, I don't remember. Might have been at Tower, but that would have been a couple of years ago. Club trade or eBay might be your best bet now.



Nice as usual Josh, perfect body, I love it!


what is kamtechs phone number. nice work

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