Model: 99982: Mardave
Status: Project
Date: 18-Dec-2018
Comments: 2
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Here is something a little different. Always been a fan of Mardave models. I already have a box art Apache and wanted another chassis to mount a Sand Scorcher body. Found a chassis on eBay with front suspension, gearbox and a single rear wishbone.. My plan was to build a new wishbone and build new driveshaft with UJs.
As with all projects I buy they never end up the way I plan. Looking through my box of scrap I found a complete independent rear end set up. As look would have it they fit the original chassis without the need to modify the chassis mounts. I did have to modify the wishbones so they would clear the driveshafts. Fitted some gold dampers and mounted a top arm locating bracket. I am really pleased with the rear suspension set up and it looks original. I am awaiting parts from the far east to fabricate a pair of driveshafts. I'm mating the original gearbox outputs with a dog bone configuration mounted to cut down grasshopper driveshafts. The front suspension will have a matching pair of gold dampers, the chassis has been trimmed slightly to enable the front wishbones more travel.
The body that came with the chassis looked a little sad, but apart from a slight crack on the front looked salvageable. I stripped and lightly sanded the body and rubbed out any deep scratches. I then sprayed the body in Tamiya red, then applied a candy apple red metalflake. Unfortunately due to the high moisture content the paint bloomed everytime the temperature dropped. So I stripped it again and gave it a light coat of acrylic plastic primer, finished off with two tone white and blue Hycote automotive paint. Once cured it was given 3 coats of laquer. I like the finish and minimalistic design, not to everyone's taste I imagine.
I'm hoping to be all finished in the new year and will post finished photos if there is any interest

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Where are you now with this? I wanted to do something similar a couple years ago and am ready to try agai .

Stevie 774


At the moment front and rear suspension, driveshafts and steering done. I added oil filled dampers to the front but unfortunately didn't have the travel I was looking for so reverted back to original for the minute. The rear track has been widened and am planning to widen the front also with longer stub axles. Good luck with yours. I found this a real pleasure to build

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