Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 26-Dec-2018
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Very happy with this result on this buggy. An original 1980's icon was scored on eBay recently by me and rescued to a bright new start! It has been ages since I painted anything box art from any brand! I plan to run it in fair weather with the Subaru Brat tires and Optima re-re wheels on the pavement, and save the vintage rare Option House tires for loose dirt only as they are so nice and mint. I do not want to run them down on pavement. A vintage LeMans 360 PT Kyosho motor was installed from my motor stash and it runs really well. Only thing left to do is paint the driver figure, sourced from a re-re for a vintage Kyosho Beetle kit. I believe it was from our TC member Integra Fan - I picked up the driver in a trade. Now I'm off to build a Tamiya R/C kit on Christmas Holiday break, it's only fair! Gotta keep things balanced. I think the Mustnag Cobra TL-01 is next up.
details here on the Turbo Optima-

Before the restoration Before the resto

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