Model: (Click to see more) 99999: Misc.
Status: Real car / Reference
Date: 29-Dec-2018
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I bought the three reference books in the past. And recently a new one was published. I saw in on eBay and pushed the Buy it now button fully automatical. Should I go into therapy? Nah. It turned up yesterday and for one thing it's odd: it's sorted in Arabic fashion. The back page is the front. It has pictures of the cars from every angle, that's good. And they are not all pro built, they show some small flaws and some are even used. Unfortunately my Japanese is pretty rusty but I'm sure it's sense what's written beside. And the seller included Japanese paper folding art! Wow, I'm not pleased with just a lollypop anymore but of course positive feedback will follow:)

My other three reference books And the free paper folding art:)




Nice buy! The Japanese read from right to left too??

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