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Date: 31-Dec-2018
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Hello there! I'm the car at number 35, living in the middle groundfloor space since 1984. Real cosy right next to the original box I came in. I know every car in the block. As you can see there is one box vacant so any car is welcome.

In our community you have the shrink wrapped Porsches, the Stampede monster trucks with their oh so wild beetle nephew, the oldies (the fiat on the ground floor and the street devil on the third floor), the great DT family with the Rocky 2WD on the first floor, on the top floor the budget Vajra and the Holiday at 110 and the Polar Bear Hawks on the second floor.

Then you have the crawlers with the Twin Hammers clone at number 13 top floor, the Pajero on the second floor when he's not travelling the world and also on the second floor the Unimog 406, still a work in progress.

All very different. Sometimes we ride together and that's always fun apart from the accidental collision but in the end we all get along fine. We love our landlord and he loves us back, new batteries, some lubrication once in a while and lots of TLC.

The same as us he would also love to fill that empty space on the second floor...

Merry Christmas and a Tamiyafull New Year!

1 Welcome to our block!

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