Model: 99982: Mardave
Status: Restored
Date: 31-Dec-2018
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Another piece of salvage for me. Didn't have to make and suspension or drive parts for this one. Started it's life as a Mardave Meteor. Looks like it had been left outside as everything on it made of steel was badly rusted and seized. I stripped all the rusty mild steel and replaced with stainless. Now after rebuilding the chassis the decision was the body. It came with a fairly intact original body and eibg in decent condition, but not very exciting in my opinion. I checked the wheelbase and found a sand Scorcher body would fit. Due to the way the chassis plate angles upwards at the front I thought a Kamtec Baja body in ABS would be good. I made a bumper out of engineering pvc rod and trial fitted the body.
I was toying with the idea of a patina look for the paintwork but as the bumper and front suspension has an aggressive look I decided on a more shiny custom style.
I scuffed the ABS and sprayed a fine coat of plastic primer. When this was dry I applied a base coat of Sparkling Silver. For the top side I flashed three coats of Candy Brown. The first coat came out a Candy Copper colour but as more coats were added this morphed into a Candy Apple Red colour. A couple of top coats of 2K laquer finish the paint.
My next job is to build a full internal roll cage.

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