Model: 99985: Yokomo
Status: Runner
Date: 4-Jan-2019
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I know there are many heroes existing, we even have the previous touring car
world champion in our local club - but there is one person standing out
a bit in my opinion: Masami Hirosaka. I really admired him when I was
young. He won 14 worlds titles in onroad and offroad classes, which I guess
still a record nowadays.
He was using as well a stick transmitter as myself at that time, and I once heard
he would fly helicopters as well for relaxation - like when I heard
he was attending a race close to me I went there with my old Yokomo and asked
him for his signature. He was very friendly and patient with me, while nowadays I
think maybe I've disturbed him quite a lot...So thank you Masami San - you've
given a lot to this sport!
If anyone can exactly read what he has written please let me know...

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