Model: (Click to see more) 58123: Dyna Blaster
Status: NIB
Date: 5-Jan-2019
Comments: 2
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Dyna Blaster. I was incredibly lucky to pick this kit up in early 2017. Although I plan to keep this kit NIB, I have recently acquired a Stadium Thunder kit. I'm planning on building the kit up and instead of using the Stadium Thunder scheme and decals, I will paint it up as a Dyna Blaster. I was able to source original Tamiya Dyna Blaster decals and a set of NIB Dyna Blaster wheels.

Front Beautiful packaging




interested in selling? Because I am looking for a NIB dyna blaster.
let me know.



RICH, I appreciate the interest. I am quite fond of Tamiya's buggy-based trucks, and consider the Dyna Blaster to be the prize of my collection. Sadly, she's not for sale.

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