Model: (Click to see more) 58385: BMW 320si WTCC 2006 Team Germany
Status: NIB
Date: 6-Jan-2019
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This was the kit that brought me back into the hobby and back to Tamiya. When I came back to the hobby around 2010, before I realized you could order things from ebay and places like TowerHobbies, I drove out to nearest LHS. Sitting there amongst other brands was this kit. I built it up and was hooked.

A few months later, when I was in the shop again, they had another, so I picked it up. The second kit, pictured here, remains NIB.

Edit: Per requests, I've added a few shots of the original TT-01 chassis and body set. I don't have the chassis anymore, but I do still have the body set. You can definitely tell it was my first (not great) attempt at painting and applying decals. Hop ups included:

53497 TT-01 Ball Bearing Set
53620 Aluminum Propellor Shaft
53672 Carbon Upper Frame
53674 Adjustable Upper Arm Set
53694 Stabilizer Set

Front 1 Bottom Side Body - Side Body - Front My original TT-01




Love the BMW touring cars and this livery is very cool! I didn't see your new-built in your showroom?



A very cool kit

SRB Bloke





Thanks guys. I've updated the description above to add a little bit about the original 58385 kit, including hop ups used and added a couple of pics of the chassis and body shell.

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