Model: (Click to see more) 58226: Subaru Impreza WRC (Ltd. Ed.)
Status: NIB
Date: 8-Jan-2019
Comments: 3
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I love the Tamiya renderings of rally cars of the late 1990's and early 2000's. This kit is NIB and I don't know that I can bring myself to get into this special, limited edition kit. Instead, I'm considering picking up the re-re body set from the TT-02 '99 Subaru Impreza Monte Carlo kit and sourcing reproduction decals from MCI.

Front Top Side Bottom Kit Contents 1 Tamiya R/C Touring Car Chassis & Body Guide




Nice score! Agreed, I love Tamiya's rally/touring cars of that era particularly the 2-door scoobies and I have a few NIB. I can't bring myself to build most of them either so I just picked up an XV-01 Subaru to build and run.



Thanks! Currently eyeing a used TL-01 on ebay at the moment. I'd tear it down, do a re-build, replacing parts as necessary. If I end up getting it, next I'll need to get the body and decals. Decisions, decisions...

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