Model: 58067: Thundershot
Status: Restored
Date: 10-Jan-2019
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1987 tamiya thundershot fully ball raced with one piece thrust bearings majority of gear box bearings gears are un sealed type sealed type protected with shims. The splits caused by the threaded shafts repaired on the gearbox ect. All threaded shafts replaced with steel shafts and secured with c clips and reinforced with washers as were the gear box mounting points. shocks replaced with re built carson alloy shocks to high cap specs with high cap fixings and tamiya df03 springs all round .Chassis full strip down and clean re greased with tamiya ceramic replacement diff out drives fitted to one of the diffs and thunder shot universalls fitted all round with o rings in the splined diff cups . diff splines threadlocked to avoid wear clamp type alloy hubs . hot shot prop joints with o rings fitted with a alloy tt02 prop shaft . star disc wheels fitted with schumacher tubby inserts c parts replaced . Added I 3d printed esc tray and one piece rear bumper from badaboom49 and james knight customs sandscorcher driver steve mc queen gulf lemans all from shape ways painted helmet and visor myself with humbroll paint and door shut lineing clear laquer aplyed to eyes to bring them out all secured with cva of different types gel included and reinforceing powder custom made fixing to the chassis steering wheel finished with humbrol and tamiya paints . The esc dinamite Tazer 15t rated. Rebuilt tamiya super stock bz motor with new pinion and replaced awg wires . Schumacher wire tidys high torque servo fitted with a tamiya tractor truck grey alloy servo saver fly sky reciver all toped off with a fire dragon modified chassis cover loved every step of the build :) body to follow in late spring ilove the driver sooo much credit to james knight for his design a+++++++++ and badaboom49 alos a+++++ for remakeing and designing thundershot parts all available on shapeways .

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