Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 16-Jan-2019
Comments: 5
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Besides the lovely TGX Series from Tamiya i also have a soft spot for Kyosho Superten. This lovely STP Taisan has served for displaying purpose in a Hobbyshop for many years. I assume this one has never run- at least the Chassis shows no signs of use. Speaking of the body , there are some scratches here and there, and the original decals start to lift off and break away. Think i have to replace some of the decals, maybe by getting me some repros. There's one small crack above the left front wheel arch as the only damage i've seen.
As for the Chassis, the car has some none original front dampers of unknown make, also has the usual tamiya Electric starter fitted. Maybe i will build back to the original startercoil that i have also.
Thanks for Looking




Stunning looking car!






Wow very nice machine , love it



I always want one after I sold my Supra version then years after that. I saw one nib for sale when I was on vacation in Asia many many years ago and about 6mths ago there was a shelf queen really cheap I lost the bid by few bucks. regret I on both of them. Currently I almost finish my Tamiya version of the STP Lively. Yours looks stunning!

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