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Date: 19-Jan-2019
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I added this to my original showroom on December 15, 2012.
These are my Tamiya Club competition entries to date. The first one is my blue Astute dolled up with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Paint that came in a distant 67th place (lol!). The second one is an unedited photo of my YZ-10 on the street that came in 36th place. The third one is a collection of most of my Gmade Sawback scale parts at the time slightly altered with some contrast/picture adjustments that came in 20th place. The fourth one is a diarama of a fictitious r/c institution made from an old Tamiya hump back battery pack and numerous z-scale model train accessories that came in 11th place out of 46 entries. The fifth one is a pencil drawing on paper of a Tamiya Hornet with some anamorphic effects that came in 16th place out of ~40 entries. The sixth one is my Super Hotshot vintage racer that came in 20th place out of ~30 entries. The 7th one is my knolling entry made with a few dozen screws in front of a few of my NIB kits that came in 14th place out of 16 entries. The 8th one is my current original Hornet runner set up with original old-school parts almost exactly like my first one was back in the 1980's. The 9th one is an unedited photo of all of my boxes with a few models that came in 5th place out of 29 entries. I hope you like them and thanks for looking.

'Christmas' comp entry - December 2012. 'Hit The Road' comp entry - March 2013. 'Parts' comp entry - December 2013. 'Old School' comp entry - May 2014. 'Paper' comp entry - January 2015. 'Fusion' comp entry - December 2015. 'Knolling' comp entry - December 2016. 'Retro' comp entry - June 2018. 'Boxes' comp entry - December 2018.

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