Model: (Click to see more) 58058: Blackfoot
Status: Runner
Date: 19-Jan-2019
Comments: 5
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While looking through some Boxing Day Sales, I had my eye on a Wild One. But I found they also had a Blackfoot on sale too.

Due to a lack of Monster Truck in my collection and a price I couldn't go past, Blackfoot it was. I know that there are a couple of small issues with the ORV chassis ( diff & bump steer) but at least this runner will still look good on the bench waiting for repairs, if needed. Being a runner is another reason for polishing the body instead of painting which buffs up really well. The polish also has UV protection in it so should help too.

I addressed the bump steer by cutting a bit off the servo saver and putting the ball connectors underneath. Works a treat. I also made up a post for the dust cover to fix down to as it supports the shock tower instead of just the Zip ties. All made from bits and pieces I had to hand. Nothing like a free fix :) . I also had every intention of doing the Oldfrogshot mod on the Diff as MIP Diffs are out of stock every where I've looked. But I spent most of an afternoon finding a tapping tool and suitable screw only to get home to discover I'd bought a M3 tapping tool instead of a M2.5. Nuts. So not being able to face the round trip excursion again I've but the diff together with a shim in it for the time being and will see how that goes for now.

The Blackfoot, I think, is a really impressive kit though once its all finished and I'm more than happy owning and running it.

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Looks great! Been very tempted to get one myself recently. What did you use to polish the body? I wouldn’t have guessed it wasn’t painted.



Thanks CLODBOX, I've added a 'photo' of the FW1 Polish I used. It doesn't have any Silicon, Alcohol or Ammonia in it. Very easy to use.



Sweet, love the pinstripe on the wheels!



I have a day off work so looking around your showroom if you don't mind Haha! Mate love that first pic! Dogs and RC = laughter!!

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