Model: (Click to see more) 58600: TT-02 Type S Chassis Kit
Status: Runner
Date: 20-Jan-2019
Comments: 2
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This is the latest version of my TT-02S which I use for the GT-Sport racing class. Basically it is a TT-01/01 class with loads of tuning-possibilities.
In this class you have to keep the bathtub-chassis, use a 17,5T spec motor (5:1 ratio), a GT-body, but apart from that you can use whatever you like

always keeping a tight line What's that in the back? :D sneaking under the hood

If you liked those pictures, you should see these...
Had to have one




Wow, toller Wagen! Du hast dein TT-Chassis mächtig getunt (Aufhängung etc). das macht bestimmt riesen Spass! Fährst du damit im Euro-Cup? Viel Spass und Erfolg!



Nein, nicht Eurocup. Da dürfte man die vielen Teile, Motoren und Reifen anderer Hersteller nicht verwenden.
Google mal RC Kleinserie

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