Model: (Click to see more) 58660: Dynahead 6X6
Status: New built
Date: 21-Jan-2019
Comments: 7
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At last I have finished the body.

It's the best of the three G6-01's because all you need is 6 wheel axles and you can build it in speed configuration, the plastic hubs are still included.
Built in the following style....

Full 76 ball bearings for 4WS mode
Steel 18T pinion
PS-48 aluminium backed with black
2x sets of 53619 CVA black shocks
built with kit soft oil, small external limiters to protect steering, small shock ends
3x sets of 53974 TRF501X setting springs (yellow medium)
54817 Alloy Motor guard
2x Alloy gearbox supports
2x 54586 Lightweight gear shafts
2x 54695 steel shafts and alloy support bridge
54644 Alloy servo lowering guard
2x 54587 Alloy servo stays
54588 Alloy steering arm
3x 54610 Alloy clamp wheel hexes
84430 White bumper springs
White bumper
Ball connectors all around
No screw pins, all steel shafts

The only upgrades needed really are oil shocks, ball connectors, ball bearings and steel pinion

Hop-ups I didn't fit were the following...

54459 low friction hex step screws (I dont want to be carrying more tools when out and about)
54661 Alloy hub carriers (over priced)
2x 54670 Alloy shocks (over priced)
54796 Alloy skid plate (looks useful for crawling but I don't like the look)
54394 FRP battery plate (if it had tamiya or dynahead etching then I would have bought one, it's a bit plain looking)
54394 Uni shafts ( won't work with portal gears)
2x 54818 Adjustable turnbuckles ( look good but thread is so fine, nightmare to build so left them off)

Everything has exceeded expectations, it's a great build......there is one issue!
Even though I have only tested inside I could see the front and rear steering was trembling
Looking closer you can see all four drive shafts have a rub ring just before the ball ends
I have reduced the steering throw to 70% but its still doing it.
Probably not an issue for crawling and trials but maybe an issue if brushless is installed.

Edit; installed yellow medium springs and short shock ends to reduce the height and level up the arms, got steering rate to 75%, seems good.
If I rebuild the shocks at some point in the future I'd install the small limiters on the inside as well to stop this.

1 1 3 balls of diff putty per diff


HornetRacer 1971


Nicely done! These are growing on me. Why did you opt for the white bumper?



Nice looking rig, would love to see one with scale crawler wheels , can’t understand tamiya’s Choice of wheel/tyre for a crawler?



Easy to get it out there and sell other types as hopups?
PDC designs may have requested to use them as part of the design?



I’ve seen a Kong head on YouTube with 1.9 crawler wheels and other mods which looks like a very capable crawler. This should be even better with the portal axles. It’s starting to grow on me more and more!

mad maz


You have spent some money on this I can see . looking good.



That looks a beast! Lots of nice hop ups too!
Have you taken this for a little spin yet?



Only inside atm! That's why I built another!??

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