Model: (Click to see more) 58292: Ford Focus WRC 02
Status: Extra info
Date: 23-Jan-2019
Comments: 2
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Part of my TL-01-based rally car collection. Sadly, I sold this one on some time ago (wish I hadn't). Another of Tamiya's classics, in my opinion. Recently, to make up for selling this kit, I acquired Ford Focus WRC body kit (Kit no. 50847), also originally released on the TL-01.

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Yep, I do like this kit as I've always been a Focus fan (owned a base model until a couple of years ago as well) and was casually keeping an eye on one or two on Ebay. However, I LOVE some of the mid '90's Tamiya touring/btcc cars even more so I chose to add a few of those to my collection instead. Too bad you sold it.



Yes, I know, so regret selling this one. I'm slowly updating my showroom since I finally joined TC after lurking for years. I have two more TL-01s to add

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