Model: (Click to see more) 58662: Comical Grasshopper
Status: Runner
Date: 29-Jan-2019
Comments: 10
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So Willy has a new ride.

Must admit I thought this was a bit of a gimmick when it was first announced. In fact I still think it's gimmicky, but in a positive way - an iconic bit of Tamiya history in a fresh, fun package.

But gimmick or not, I bought one and I'm glad I did. Tamiya seem to have put quite a lot of effort and development into the 'WR-02CB' chassis, lots of new parts to spruce up the good old WR-02. Apart from the obvious body, wheels and tyres, there's new suspension arms, side rails/nerf bars and revised main chassis parts.

Despite all the new bits it's still as straight forward to build as any WR-02 - and it was nice to see actual shocks included in the kit instead of the usual pogo-sticks! I fitted a few basic hop-ups too; ball-races, steel pinion, chassis brace and alloy wheelie bar wheels. The kit TBLE02 ESC was swapped for a waterproof Quicrun 1060.

I went with box-art for the body because, well, I like it. The window masks and decals aren't pre-cut but I just took my time and enjoyed it. I wasn't really impressed with the decals/box art for the driver so I made some decals to match the car. I wanted at least a basic interior so I cut a piece of plasticard to size, added a few decals and a couple of the always-vital NOS bottles, and now it has a basic interior.

The kit includes fittings to add LEDs, but not the actual LEDs or light unit so I bought and fitted a cheap light set. The lights look cool (IMHO) so it's worth it.
With the body finished, driver and interior fitted and lights working it was looking really smart, a proper little head-turner - so of course it needed a turning (driver's) head! There isn't a lot of room inside the shell, especially with the interior in place, but it all just about fits!

I'm pleased with it (and my daughter is itching to drive it!), hope you like it too.


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AAAhhhhhhhh Rob, fantastic..... perfect job. i love it i bought two (if i loose one)
Ha, and your Driver....... so cute, please make one for me
Chears Guido



Tamiya did a nice job on this and so did you. It looks great. Its a fun car to add to your collection.



Great work as usual Rob, hoping Tamiya release a few more iconic cars as comical releases



Another lovely build as usual! The interior and lights look great. Really tempted to get one of these. Cracking job!



Thanks for the kind comments guys, glad you like it.
@Guido, happy to make a driver for you, PM me?
And yeah, I think Tamiya have made a really nice job of this and there's definitely a lot of scope for future comical releases. Not sure about the Hornet but definitely interested to see what else they come up with. Be nice to see some 4WD models on the GF01 chassis too.



I know it’s great and all that but wish Tamiya could come up with something new

HornetRacer 1971


You have done a remarkable job on this car - a really fun idea of Tamiya to do these...and you have produced an immaculate example! Well done!



Tamiya yet again got it right! Got one and can’t wait to build it



I like it....nice built!



What is Tamiya doing these days....... geniuses!!!! Hi mate been a while!

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