Model: (Click to see more) 84431: Porsche Turbo RSR Type 934 Jägermeister
Status: Runner
Date: 31-Jan-2019
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I'd spotted this at my nearest Hobby shop while collecting some bits for the SRB chassis.

I'd never had a Touring car before and couldn't believe it was still there some time later when I could add another car to the collection. That classic Porsche shape just never goes out of fashion.

This kit was built by me a few months back now but have been a bit slack getting into the showroom. Finally got it outside for a run and a few pic's to show it at its best.

It's got a Torque Tuned in it for now thats being told what to do via a Hobbywing 10-60 Quicrun ESC. Plenty quick enough for the time being. I am tempted to make it more of a drifter down the track with some HPI Black centre 5 spoke wheels. It just so happens that the shop the kit came from had some in stock on my last visit.

I did buy a can of the orange to go box art with this one. But changed my mind and mixed in a bit of Drifter come Black Special influence to it with a few painted in go faster red stripes as well.

I have shortened the chassis by 3mm at the back by chopping a bit off the wishbones and adding a suitable spacer as a fellow member has done previously on here. It works great & I'm stoked with the result, but if I was to alter the chassis again I think I would alter the the front wishbones instead as the rear dog bones are probably on their angle limit.

This Car was also what scored me a 3rd place win the Christmas Boxes win which was great.

Thanks for looking and as always any comments are more than welcome (Good or Bad!! :) )

Couldn't wait anymore, had to have a run. Lots & lots of stickers. At last, out stretching its legs properly :) Boxes Comp.




Jäger bomb! Awesome, love it.

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