Model: (Click to see more) 58051: The Fox
Status: Runner
Date: 23-Aug-2003
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Well, I just happen to be home at the right time when the mail lady came to my door with a big box in tow I knew exactly what it was…The Fox that I won on eBay is finally here!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

I ripped open the box and quickly pulled out what appeared to be a complete bubble wrapped chassis. After a few minutes of fighting with all the tape and popping bubbles, there she was…chassis in great shape, driver figure and gold wheels!!! I flipped her over for a quick inspection of the bottom and things got better! To my surprise there are only a few scrape marks, man this thing has really low miles…

Next, I took another peek into the box and found myself in another fight with taped bubble wrap, trying to retrieve a bright orange Fox body. Once retrieved, I took a good look around it and it appears to have hardly been used…no scuffmarks, tears, or anything. Just a few rub marks on the paint from contact with the chassis and some of the decals started to peal up…where are the body clips when you need them…Ahh, maybe in that box with the Tamiya art of a Fox Buggy at the bottom of the shipping box….!

Yup, at that moment, I thought that I was looking at a Picasso! So, I reach in and pulled it out and took a good look at the art work before I let the lower portion of the box slide out on its own to reveal its contents… I then quickly lifted the lid the rest of the way of to find a small treasure trove…the dated radio gear and all the spare parts! There was an old egg timer AE charger, Futaba Attack-R stick radio, two 1200 batteries, a set of A-arms tree, kit screws, spare servo saver tree, manual, various Tamiya propaganda, and yes. The body clips! On with the body for a better look of my new rig! She looks GREAT!!! This turned out to be a better deal that I was expecting!

Now, I have an uncontrollable urge to do something with the rig, but I don’t know where to start…Tear it down for a complete clean up; test the radio gear; spin the front wheels and watch them spin for a while; now I have images running through my head of putting in some modern electronics and going to the local race track Saturday and race with all the B3/B4’s and Losi’s and look like some kind of freak running a car that is nearly 20 years old…man, that would be a riot!!!

Well, to regain my composer, I decided that I would first charge up the old batteries on the old charge and give the old Fox a run around the yard! Boy, this is the first time I thought that a 15 minute battery charger was too slow…lol!… Wait, I just stopped hearing the clicking of the charge… Time to play!

Took her out for a spin and she functions great even with half empty shocks!
Man, I’ve been looking for a decent deal on one for a few months now and finally got one!! I would have to consider this rig an 8 out of 10 in overall condition. I am completely satisfied with this gem! And yes, there will be action pictures coming soon.

The Fox was my first real hobby class RC and I am so glad to finally able to rekindle my early RC days with another one…

I’m so stoked,




the second pic looks real!

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