Model: 99998: Kyosho
Status: Restored
Date: 24-Feb-2019
Comments: 5
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Hi, Here is another GP car in my collection. i had it in a cheap lot of 3 chassis ( it comes with the chassis of my freshly restored Kyosho nostalgic Ferrari 330P4 ). So when i see that Steve ( Scollins ) sells a nice used Kyosho Shelby Daytona i bought it for it, thanks again Steve. After a good cleaning and added some missing parts here it is. i added the original wheels that i already have too. i run the car this morning and i have some adjusts to do on it. As soon as the car will be 100% OK i will add a video. Thanks for looking.

When i bought the chassis Runner wheels Runner wheels

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Kyosho Nostalgic Shelby Daytona GP Final




Very nice mate.



Bruno, I am so glad you could put that nice body to use and your car looks great,,,I am happy I still have mine as well. I still have another one of these rare Kyosho Daytona Coupe body sets NIB, so I may do it up in a different color like red.



@SCOLLINS : Thanks Steve, i agree with you for a red Shelby Daytona it sure will be great



Beautiful. Looks far too pretty and scale to be run as an RC car...



Very pretty! I actually prefer the black wheels I think - either way, it looks awesome!

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