Model: (Click to see more) 99993: Parts
Status: NIB
Date: 26-Feb-2019
Comments: 7
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I was excited when I saw these being rereleased so got an order in when I saw a site have them listed. I have ordered a few more (now arrived so have 5) and hope her indoors does not spot them when they arrive. (She did not )It came well wrapped in the mail so pleased all around. Just need Tamiya to release some stabiliser sets and aluminium wheels now. I have a few sets of 53155 dampers to go with these. 2 more arrive so now have 7 which is probably enough......

4 more arrived and I wa she only person at home. Nicely packed by seller Great packaging



No joke. In stock at rc mart...


Makes total sense since all the parts have been included with the recent Porsche release. Now maybe they will release the Special Racing chassis set again



Great rerelease, and the Price is o.k., too. Should also work on the FF01, but I´m not fully sure, to be honest.



Wow.... these are a game changer ! So unattainable for so long and now this is really pleasing to see. Thank you so much for posting, you've made my day.



Ummm yummy! Mine just arrived too but no time to unbox and hug them! Lol


I remember trying to find these bits near impossible for upgrading my TA02, notwithstanding the hoarders charging an arm and a leg for the parts! So nice to see Tamiya have re issued these and for a sensible price

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