Model: (Click to see more) 58141: Jeep Wrangler
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Date: 1-Mar-2019
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Part 2 is all about adding the scale detailing to the build.

Now of course it's easy to buy any number of scale accessories and components to help add detail and realism - which I admit I have done for this build particularly - but at the same time, I also wanted/needed to scratch build many core items (not least a complete interior for this open vehicle), and incorporate some new techniques I'd seen in other scale builds, together with putting my own unique twist on some other elements...

I'll let the photos illustrate the key additions, although due to limited caption space, will also list the key elements here - together with more detailed illustrations and descriptions of the specifications and techniques used, in the dedicated thread in the Builds section of the forum.

Scale items incorporated include:

RC4WD Warn 8274 winch (ultimately this will also have a wireless remote control fitted)

RC4WD scale working Hi-Lift Jack

RC4WD scale ARB cooler/refrigerator (as centre cubby)

Locked-Up RC scale acorn wheel nuts (together with M2.5 set-screws to create bolts)

Yeah Racing seat-belts

Yeah Racing scale aluminium 4-bar diamond-plate

AMPro Engineering interior detail parts (3D printed via Shapeways)

Stinger style metal winch-bumper (Ebay)

Axial Wraith battery tray & straps (for 2nd battery under rear deck)

Axial LED spot-lamp set (for tail and side indicator lights)

CChand front indicator lenses/lamp housings (for 3mm LED bulbs)

Tamiya headlight buckets and lenses for CC-01 Wrangler

RC4WD Chevy Blazer pre-wired LED lighting loom (2x 5mm headlight, 4x 3mm orange indicator and 4x 3mm red tail lamps).

RCBitz wheel weight set (for 1.9 wheels)

DJ Designs fuel filler recess and cap/s (for Land Rover Defender)

Together with these pre-assembled components (some of which would need modifying before final assembly), I also purchased some sheets of styrene (in 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm thickness), to fabricate a full interior: floorpan, dashboard and wheel-arches; plus some lengths of aluminium rod and [Cherry] strip-wood to create a real wooden load-bed liner. I also created my own tube front fenders (using aluminium rod again) and made templates and cut various aluminium trim panels for the interior and exterior from the sheets of Yeah Racing diamond-plate.

As part of the body modifications, I've incorporated working/sliding windows in the doors, and cut my own windscreen and quarter windows from 0.7mm lexan too. The original moulded front indicators have been cut-out and will be replaced with working LED lamp lenses (from CChand via RC4WD). Along with fabricating front inner wheel-arches either side of the headlamp housings, I have also scratch-built a dedicated inner wheel-arch/engine bay to mount the battery horizontally behind the dashboard, and to house all the electronics above the motor and gearbox.

During this build, I've tried to pre-empt any issues I might have that would require modifying the body further once it's been painted, by dry-fitting and pre-assembling all the key components prior to painting the main body, so that effectively part 3 will be the finally assembly.

Stay tuned!

Jenny x

Pride of place - RC4WD Warn 8274 winch Ebay metal bumper, modified to minimise overhang 1mm used for wheel-arches Cardboard-Aided-Design template for floorpan 2mm used for main floor, 1.5mm for footwells seat and cubby location sliding side windows fuel filler recess metal bonnet hooks and Dremel deterioration working front indicators wooden load-bed and checker-plate seat-box steering wheel and column scale acorn nuts replace original RC4WD bolts AMPro transmission and door details recovery eye on rear bumper wheel weights to aid traction and lower CoG Axial tray for 2nd battery (under rear deck) styrene fabricated engine bay Yeah Racing seat-belt

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I never get tired of a Jenny Mo custom build! Awesome styrene working, and always following a well thought out concept. Hats off again, great project!



Wow, awesome job!

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