Model: 99981: Traxxas
Status: Extra info
Date: 2-Mar-2019
Comments: 2
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I bought and built this buggy in 1993. It was not moved too much. I sold it about 3 years ago. It went to Portugal via Ebay. Today I miss the rare model :-(




Agree, very rare and an absolutely beautiful example even if Traxxas was trying to make their best RC10 clone. They sure picked the right car to clone and did a great cosmetic job doing it. The white plastic is so nostalgic and the color combo screams 80's/early 90's. I race in the Vintage Offroad Nationals in CT, USA once a year and almost every year one driver runs a Radicator in 2WD modified's awesome to see it out there against RC10 Worlds cars, Ultimas and JRx-2's!



Hi Mike,
thanks for the supplementary information. I sold the Radicator to raise money for other RC projects. As I said, that was stupid and I regret it now.

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