Model: 99993: Parts
Status: NIB
Date: 5-Mar-2019
Comments: 3
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During the heydays of the TA02 these options were very expensive so during my TA02 racing days I resorted to the much cheaper GPM Carbon Kit that used saddle configuration. Now with these I can equip any siganture New Builds or Restoration jobs that warrants it.
Again many thanks to fellow member & my agent Mr Berry Chiew aka Pajerofreak for the allocation and supply! Cheers

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You guys are killing me.



Snap. I now have 7 of these for the same reason as you. $38.50 US is a great price for these. I have enough centre drive shaft upgrade and aluminium shocks so stabiliser sets and aluminium wheels next Mr Tamiya please.



@KALSH: Great minds think alike! Once these are no longer available and become too expensive we will shot ourselves for not taking advantage of the situation!

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